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Ten Gifts for the Accountant in Your Life

It’s not too late to snag the perfect gift for the accountant in your life! We’ve got ideas; some funny, some seriously funny, and some just serious. Enjoy!
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CPEadvisory's November News Wrap-Up

November was an eventful month in the world of accounting. Read some of the top stories you need to know.
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10 Things You'll Miss Out On if You Don't Finish Your CPE Before The Holidays

Time flies when you’re having fun. Time also flies when your CPE reporting deadline is coming up. Have you completed your required hours?
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Top CPE Courses on Divorce

The chances of a marriage ending in divorce is still hovering around 50%, meaning half of your clients are going to go through the devastating effects of dividing property, assets, retirement accounts, and even businesses.
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8 Accounting Blogs You Need to Follow Now

Where do accountants go to find out news and information regarding the industry?
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2016 CPE Packages Report

If you get any of your CPE online, you should find this interesting. We analyzed all of the various CPE offers and found some helpful trends.
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A CPE Search Engine. At Last.

Silly Milford!
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October Accounting News Wrap-Up

Who's tax plans are better: Clinton's or Trump's? Will Lime Energy Co. recover from it's scandal? Find out in this month's Accounting News Wrap-Up!
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12 Public Speaking Tips for CPAs

When was the last time you gave a presentation that was a raging success? Did you feel like you connected with your audience or did it fall flat?
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Everything That’s Wrong with CPE

For CPAs, CPE is as certain as death and taxes… and about as much fun.
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September News Wrap-Up: Gold Medals, New Revenue Streams for You, and Nonprofit Risks

Will Olympians and Paralympians get to keep ALL of their winnings they worked so hard for? How is the IRS helping defined benefit participants get the full benefit of their retirement funds? What is the #1 nonprofit risk identified by the nonprofits themselves?
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Cannabis Clients

Whether you agree with the legalization of marijuana or not, it is a business like any other industry. There are expenses, revenues, and inventory to track.
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CPE Courses That You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Fulfilling your CPE course requirement can be a huge pain. But with CPEadvisory's search engine, you can find courses that are actually relevant to you -- courses that have nothing to do with auditing or taxes.
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Course: Shift Happens

We offer every CPE course from every vendor. Even courses that discuss the mysteries and trials of corporate culture.
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Bagel Tax

Did you know that in the state of New York, uncut bagels are tax exempt, but they add an 8-cent tax to bagels that have been cut?
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Prepare for CPE Audits

Keeping track of your course completion certificates can be a pain. Upload them to our Transcript Vault to keep them locked up and safe so you don’t have to worry about finding them later.
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Welcome to CPEadvisory

CPEadvisory exists to help CPAs find, rate and track any online CPE course.
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