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Fulfilling your CPE course requirement can be a huge pain.

But with CPEadvisory's search engine, you can find courses that are actually relevant to you -- courses that have nothing to do with auditing or taxes.



Tax Practitioner Horror Stories

Tax practitioners are required to master complex technical tax issues. Sometimes, that complexity comes with the risk of making a mistake. This course will familiarize the tax practitioner with the legal standards relating to malpractice, and cover by way of illustration “horror stories” involving tax practitioners whose lack of technical understanding and/or lack of common sense led them, and their clients, into disastrous situations potentially involving penalties and large tax liabilities.





This course details many of the cases featured in the book, Freakonomics, coauthored by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. They find test scores that indicate cheating teachers in Chicago, tournament records that indicate cheating among sumo wrestlers, and claim that reading to your children when they're young doesn't help them academically.




Time Hacks - Proven Ways to Save Time, Money and Get More for Less

If you’re behind at the office, have a lot on your plate, or simply want some free time, this webinar is calling your name. This course will share dozens of proven techniques, tricks, and tips that can immediately save you time, trouble, and money by automating, eliminating, or outsourcing.



How to Make Positive Change in Your Work and Life

Who would have thought you could take self-help courses to reach your CPE requirement? Part 1 of this 4 part course will focus on Self-evaluation: Identifying barriers to personal productivity and satisfaction.



Cyber Forensics

Cyber geeks will love this one. This course explains the basic principles of data as building blocks of electronic evidential matter used in cyber forensics investigations. It begins with the elementary building blocks of data, and progressing upwards to the representation and storage of information.




Bad Behavior by Top Management

Are you working under poor management? This course defines bad behavior by top management and instructs you on how to recognize the impact of bad behavior on employees; Identify the common behavioral mistakes managers make; Recognize the downside of bad behavior; Identify the steps companies should take to prevent bad behavior.



Federal Taxation of Legal Marijuana

Even if you don’t practice in Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, or Washington, this course is still interesting. It focuses on decreasing taxable income of legal marijuana growers, processors and retailers, as well as methods for allocating deductions when a marijuana business and another business is operated by the same entity.



Hidden Urges: Using Social Psychological Behaviors in Interviewing Fraud Suspects

Want to learn how to incorporate subtle social, psychological, and behavioral responses into the interview process? This course will discuss the reciprocity rule and how these behaviors can increase the odds of obtaining a confession from even the most seasoned fraudster.




The Long Tail

Does the modern world of online markets make you feel like Rip Van Winkle, who awoke from a 20-year nap to find a changed society? Don’t worry -- this course will decode the mysteries of online marketing, Internet-based commerce and other New Age economic realities.




Introverts and Extroverts at Work

Knowing your coworkers’ personality traits can significantly improve productivity and overall culture in a work environment. This course will discuss the attributes of introverts and extroverts, demonstrate how to recognize the differences between the two, and identify tips and techniques introverts and extroverts can use to improve their communication with each other.



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