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Everything That’s Wrong with CPE

For CPAs, CPE is as certain as death and taxes… and about as much fun.

Every year, CPA’s are tasked with finding courses that they “want” to take in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of accounting - about 40 credit hours per year (check your local states requirements for exact amounts). It’s equivalent to a whole work week (or maybe half, if we’re being honest about our hours).

It’s time away from our family, hobbies, and everything else we’d rather do. The course has to be good, or entertaining at the very least, to make it worthwhile. When it’s not (que the eye rolling), we look at them as a chore.

The system is archaic and broken, it’s not made for the modern tech-savvy world we live in today, but that’s changing. CPEadvisory is tackling the issues and making them obsolete. Read how.

No access to feedback.

Most states require vendors to collect feedback at the end of their CPE courses. The problem is, that feedback isn’t public. With no accountability, there is very little incentive for vendors and instructors to improve. We believe public reviews drive improvement. CPEadvisory is changing this by allowing feedback to be posted publicly on any online course from any vendor.

It’s hard to find CPE on your specialty.

While it’s easy to find CPE courses on general topics like audit and tax updates, it can be much harder if you’re a specialist who needs a specific course, like how to manage the tax implications of an individual who is a U.S. citizen but lives or invests overseas. What used to be hours of searching for that perfect course, now takes a few seconds. There are over 7,000 online CPE courses covering just about every imaginable topic. CPEadvisory allows you to search them all easily and quickly.

We’re still using paper completion certificates.

It’s 2016. Why are we still using paper completion certificates and tracking our CPE in Excel? It makes as much sense as sending faxes. There’s got to be a better way to track progress, and in turn, be able to produce proof of your CPE credits. Thankfully, CPEadvisory now has a universal Transcript Vault for tracking and storing all your CPE, regardless of who you take it from. No more failed CPE audits! And did we mention that it’s free?

You can’t tell what’s good until after you buy.

We’ve grown accustomed to checking reviews before we buy in just about every area of life. Why not our CPE? There’s no reason we should have to buy CPE courses blindly. Ratings and reviews are being added on CPEadvisory every day. Help your fellow CPAs and rate the courses you’ve taken.

CPEadvisory is essentially a free search engine for CPE, complete with user reviews and transcript tracking. Isn’t it time you fixed the way you find your CPE?

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